Notes to students

Hi! If you happen to be one of my students, or, indeed, a student of anything, some suggestions and resources:

1. This blog is not an acceptable academic source. In fact, no one’s blog is an acceptable academic source. This is because blogs, unlike journal articles, don’t go through a process of peer review. Don’t cite this blog. Particularly don’t cite this blog in any medieval courses at the University of Sydney – if I’m not teaching you, chances are your teacher either *was* my teacher, or is one of my peers.

2. I kept this blog in undergrad. That means there are some of my old assessments up here. Plagiarising them would be the silliest thing in the known universe. However, since I seem to be a high google return for ‘marvels Song of Roland’, I gather many people struggle to find good resources on some popular topics. Feel free to mine my footnotes. Don’t plagiarise my work, don’t cite it, but feel free to follow up my references.

3. If you’re doing your research online, please, consider this old post of mine on how to use online sources.

I will attempt to add links to resources that are more reliable than I, when I get time.


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