Robert Curthose and the chamberpot incident, or, how a dunny can changed history

[personal profile] gominokouhai explains why it is inadvisable to revolt against a man known as both “The Conqueror” and “The Bastard”:

Robert Curthose, eldest son of William the Conqueror (known as “William the Bastard” before 1066), “instigated his first insurrection against his father” in 1077, aged about 24, when his younger brothers emptied a chamberpot over his head. Apparently they’d grown bored of playing at dice and decided that this would be a go[o]d way to liven up a dull afternoon. Yeah, and you laugh at what Harry gets up to in the tabloids these days.

Angry that William failed to punish his brothers sufficiently, Robert rode forth the next day and attempted to capture the castle at Rouen. Like you do.

The rest of the sad tale of Robert Curthose and the chamberpot incident can be found here.

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