Because I haven’t the time or energy to put together any content for you…

Go and contemplate medieval Russia and its claim to be the third Rome. (You have to scroll through- or read, if you wish- updates on bits and bobs of B’s life first, mind.)

A teaser:

The second essay for Karalis’ class on Byzantium, I intend to do on…Russia.

Stop looking at me like that, it makes sense. Everyone knows that the rise of Russia and especially of Moscow is linked with Byzantium. Russia is famously deeply Orthodox. One need but glance at Russian religious artworks to see deep traces of Byzantine influence. Most importantly, there are claims made in Russia that it is the “Third Rome” after the corruption of the first (Latin Christendom) and the fall of the second (Constantinople fell in 1453). It is the Third Rome and there will be no other- prefiguring the End of Days detailed in the visions of John.

I intend to examine that claim in my teeny-tiny (1500 words! so pathetic!); to see how genuine the claim of the Third Rome is, and see Russians implemented it. There are three ways that this could be true: culturally, politically and religiously.

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