New contact email

On the off-chance that someone might want to contact me: gmail disabled the email address I was using for this blog, for no known reason (I assume the keyword ‘naked’ in the title was a bad idea).

If you take it into your heads to contact me, I now have highlyeccentric AT gmail ETC.

You might remember my stated intention to read more Literature? It’s coming along – one of you (probably Jonathan) told me I should blog it, so I shall. This blog is about to take a sharp turn away from the strictly medieval and head into Arthurian fantasy, 19th century gothic, and the odd bit of Shakespeare. But first I have to actually finish one of the seven books I’m reading.

In the meantime, months ago I stumbled across a list of frequently banned books (American  Libraries Association data) from the last decate of last century, and undertook to read ten of them by next September. That project’s coming along slowly – if you’re interested, reviews of Bridge to Terabythia, Judy Blume’s Forever and The Handmaid’s Tale are all over on my LJ. One of the seven books I’m reading at the moment is The Color Purple, also on the banned list. I’ll let you know when I’ve posted a review.